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Final post?

So I know I promised to do a big blog of everything I’ve been upto. However I just dont have the time to do it anymore! I do blog daily elsewhere so come find me! (in order of what I update the most!)

intagram= racheljamiebaldwin



shop website=

My Etsy store=

Thankyou all so much for reading my blog! If anything HUGE happens I will be sure to do a quick post 🙂



Mrs Baldwin!

As many of you know I have just married Nick Baldwin and will be taking his name, I will now be known as ‘Rachel Jamie Baldwin’ I know I haven’t updated this blog in ages but I will start getting on it more regularly in the next few months! But For now heres a picture from our special day 🙂 If you would like to watch our wedding online its on the Graceland chapel website, 1st March 2012.


(thats right ladies my man wore a gold suit on our wedding day!)


Along with my name a new fb fan page type thing has been born. Please go via the link and ‘like’ my new page, the old one will be deleted in a few weeks 🙂


Nick has finally made a page too! go add him and see for yourself how great his work is!!

When I get the time I will post a mega huge blog about all the crap ive been upto! Promise ;D

It’s been a while!

So its been a couple of months so I figured I should do a new post to update on all the exciting fun tattoos I’ve been able to do!

I am so lucky to have such amazing customers that really let me have freedom in the work and awesome ideas for me to play with.

I’m going to start off with the last convention I worked which was the 1st female tattoo show in Leamington Spa. Leamington is my place of birth so its quite fitting that I won my first award there! (woohoo!) It was for the squirrel I did on Glenn (in the last post) and it won best small colour 🙂

Here are some pics from the day! The first is of my one of a kind necklaces, stickers and the award I won!

me and a very pregnant Jo Harrison!

Leamington Female tattoo convention 2011

Heres a couple of pics of me working at the show, I did a sailor pin up on Ryan coming out of a life ring.

He sat like a true legend for almost 6 hours!

Heres the finished product! Which can also be seen in this months Tattoo Revolution Magazine!

Now for some of my favorite tattoos I have done recently 🙂 Starting with this panther on Chris’ elbow. Done in one hit.

A stag in a suit coming out of a frame? Obviously!!! Laura has a great imagination!

Pair of feets! the foot with the heart in the globe is a coverup along the side of her foot and its healed, the other foot is fresh!

fun filler!

Tattoo I did today! She came all the way from Edinburgh and it was in between a Valarie Vargas and a Steve Bryne tattoo (no pressure then!!)

Izzi’s princess! (cant wait to do the witch shes getting on the other arm to compliment this piece!!)

A really sweet pair of feet! Becky got these for her grandparents, all done in the one sitting! Brave girl 🙂

For this next one I really got to indulge in my inner teenage geekery! I was a huge tank girl fan when I was younger! This was so much fun to mix the original artwork with my current style. Oh and Boogah rules!!! 🙂

This is on my friend Fran, for everyone that knows her she loves sea related tacky goodness! I really tried to get this out in the tattoo. I think everybody should have this much junk in their hair! Rather than a mermaid its a washed up woman 🙂

Fun little anchor!

Finished the under bum on the talented Take That loving Leah Moule. As the other half of our swap.

go see her work!

Chris’ cute armpit tribute to his kitty

my friend Debbi’s russian dolly coverup

The finished work on Tims arm, since this photo we’ve added a few moths above it all.

A healed photo of an elbow tattoo I did on Gail.

I really enjoyed doing this one for Ellie! Who wouldn’t want a tea and jammy dodgers tattoo?!

Purple poppy! Really nice to do something a bit different like this.

Finished kitty!

Finally got to finish my friend Simons traditional viking chick! I did my homework on this one!

One thing you cant really see is that it wraps around his arm a bit,

the curly framing around the edge is all one line that follows round.

Heres a bit of Sophies ‘under the sea’ nautical patchwork sleeve in progress! Cant wait to get some bubbles in there


Black and Grey traditional tattoos are not something I do much,

I love colour too much! I think this turned out really well.

This is one of my favorites I have done recently. Bunting, stag and autumn leaves. Whats not to like?!

Now for a few little paintings I have done recently. Cutie Owl *sold!*

‘True love’ mini picture *sold*

Bunny Cup *sold!*

Jug Skunk *sold*

Rosie ‘queen of cupcakes’ birthday present x

Rick the bear. for Rick the bear.

Owl with egg * For Sale * Original watercolour, no prints. Email me for details.

Blonde lady mini painting * For Sale * Original watercolour, no prints. Email me for details.

Here are some new A3 prints are available on etsy. Click on the pictures to be taken to my store!

My newest painting! The first flash sheet I have done since I first started tattooing.

So far next year I am confirmed to work Tattoo Freeze and Brighton in January. I still have space on the sunday of Brighton so please email me if you are interested in getting tattooed there!

Hopefully I will be working quite a few next year. I also intend on doing some more guest spots! As I’m a bit too busy to post on here all the time please check out my facebook fan page for daily updates on what I’m up to. Cheers!

Gettin’ cold.

Summer is officially over and its starting to get cold again. After a little holiday I’ve been busier than ever tattooing and painting recently, I also have been making jewellery samples transforming my artwork into cameo necklaces *watch this space!* Lets start off with a few pics from Tattoo Jam last month.

      Unfortunately I didn’t get any of the tattoos finished at the show, hopefully they will be able to come the shop for another session. However I did get a little photo from the Friday in ‘The Independent’ newspaper! Which was really exciting!

I was working in a shared booth with Matt Hunt and my other half Nick Baldwin, here are a couple of pics of him tattooing our friend Fran. She did a great job of modelling his stunning new business cards! haha!

   We had a great time working Tattoo Jam, hopefully we will work it again next year. When we got home I put the photos on tumblr and one of them made the front page for the site! Now heres some of my favorites from the past start off heres a really fun tattoo I got to do on Alex’s hand! I really enjoy tattooing lady faces, and I find hands a fun place to work on!   Next picture is of a half sleeve I finished this week, its a tribute to his friend. I think its a bit different for me but I really enjoyed it!

This next one is a coverup of a small rose and some tribal, the colour in the leaves is healed so I am quite happy with how its covered the old tattoo.


The beetle and cameos is on my friend Ruth,her arm is a work in progress but I thought I would put up a picture anyway. Now heres a few that speak for themselves!

     Apart from this one, she wanted a gingerbread fairy. Can’t say I’ve tattooed one of those before!   This crazy bright squirrel is on the shops apprentice Glenn. I like his silly face!    Now for a few in progress that I’m excited about! Calvins back is based on the Owls of Ga’hoole books/film. Needless to say he is a massive fan of both!! I’m really happy to finally have all of the outline down, looking forward to getting some colour in this! Now for a few smaller pieces..the first two will be colour and the lady will be black and grey.      I’m also looking forward to getting a background on Lauras half sleeve.  We started it with the owl teapot at Manchester tattoo convention this year, continuing this theme in the shop! You can just about see the cake stand under her arm, I’m loving the cutie doormouse in a jug! The background is going to be super colourful!!

Here ‘s my latest painting I have finished!

It has already been sold and I’m not making prints.

I’m working on a few new paintings at the moment, all of which are commissions. If you are interested in a commission piece of art by me please email me at (I can work to pretty much any budget)

As you can see its been a busy time of year! I don’t always have time to update my blog so for daily updates on my work please check out my facebook page

I will be working the first female tattoo convention next month with Jo Harrison. I’m really looking forward to it! I have somebody booked in for the full day so don’t have any spaces. That will be my last convention of the year, so please email me if you are interested in getting tattooed at a show next year. I should hopefully be working quite a few!

Lastly I will be going to London convention this weekend! I will not be working, if you see me there come say hi 😀

Sweat, blood and watercolour.

Firstly I would like to let everybody know I have made a facebook fan page. I would like my facebook to be more for the people I know.

Please ‘like’ my fanpage! This will be the best way to keep updated with my work as I will be updating it most days 🙂 if you click on any of my pictures in this post they should also take you to the page 😀

I had a really great time tattooing at Time and Triumph last month,

these are the tattoos I did there…



As you can see I got to do some really fun tattoos! I think my favorite is the turbonegro tattoo I got to do on Beth Windows, her artwork is amazing you should check it out! She is also one of the ladies responsible for clutterfly jewellery…which is awesome!

Here are some tattoos I’ve been doing back at the shop, I’ve been very lucky to have such awesome customers with great ideas…

these are some of my favourites!


I’ve also got a few big exciting pieces in progress at the moment..

This first one is Krishna on a guy called Krishna! It’s his first tattoo…crazy! I’m really looking foward to getting colour into it but thats still a few sessions away.

This next one is on Jay, who is a tattooist at Tataholics in oldbury. I already tattooed his throat and under his chin at the start of the year..

but were now doing this full torso piece. Were almost done with the outline, very exciting! Although he’s not looking forward to me colouring in his belly button :S

These cutie bugs are on my friend Ruth, you can see a bit of the decorative stag I did on the top of her arm peeking out..

We should be turning her arm into a bit more of a sleeve in the next few sessions. I love the freedom my friends give me when I tattoo them!

I’ve had a bit of time off recently, so I’ve been trying to catch up on a bit of painting! watercolours are so slow to work with. This which is why I like to keep my paintings small (under A3) Because I can get something new made in a day or two!

This first painting was a commission, but I still have a few prints left for sale! A4 £10+postage

This next painting is just under A3, the original is for sale and A3 prints are avalible for £15+postage. I love lucky cats and darumas! They are one of my favourite things to paint! I like making up new ones 🙂

This original of cute little birdie is also for sale, in the frame. A4 Prints are £10+postage

This last painting is also for sale, A4 prints are also £10+postage,


if you are interested in buying any of my paintings or prints please email me at for more information! They will all be for sale at tattoo Jam this weekend. So come say hi! I will also have some special new stickers for anybody who buys something off me 😀

Harry Potter!

Its been a fun couple of weeks and I’ve been super busy! Here are some new tattoos I have made recently.

This first one is on Rosie, she’s been dying to get a rescuers tattoo for years! The diamond on this was so much fun to do 😀

This second one is a coverup of a black symbol, if you look hard enough you might be able to see it!..Cheers fiona!


Finally finished Adeles Rollergirl! not an easy place to get tattooed but she did so well 🙂





This next one is another I’ve had in progress for almost a year now…a traditional-ish harry potter sleeve on the talented miss Natalie Gore!

I’ve already got my tickets booked for the last film coming out next week! Yay!!!


I started this squirrel on Glen, hopefully I will get this finished soon..





I’ve also had a chance to do some new paintings!

Sailor lady! Not for sale because the frame is vintage and I’m keeping it!




Swooshy hair! Wish my hair was this long!! Original for sale, no prints.



Granny Chic! Original for sale, no prints.

This week I have been tattooing at Time and Triumph in Momouth, I was only going to work here for the Monday/Tuesday but I have decided to stay an extra day, if anybody would like to get something tattooed tomorrow give them a bell!

info is on their facebook

I will post pics of my time here next week!


Holy crap is it hot!

This month I have been super busy! In between dodging the sun and the downpours of rain I’ve started a load of fun work and finished some too! Here are some of my favourites…

Crazy coloured owl that could be a parrot

Tasha Locks tribute to her kiddly winks! Although it was a bit of an awkward area to tattoo (and photograph!) I had alot of fun with all the colours and detail in this one.


My favourite Welsh couple!


This is on an old friend who I used to skateboard with,

I havent seen her in years and then she gets in touch to get tattooed! I love my job!

Here are a few new pieces in progress..


I dont think I will ever tired of  doing lady faces 😀


This tattoo is on Leah Moule! very excited to be doing a swap with her after she did my amazing giant french fancy on my shin (see previous posts!)

I havent had much time to paint recently, here is one from a few weeks ago. The original has been sold but there are prints available! £10+postage, email me for details!

This painting was traded with Aimee Lou, she tattoos in Guildford….check out her work!

A couple of weeks ago my friends Paula and Dan got married in Hay on Wye!

Congratulations guys! The wedding was lovely and we all had a great time!

Nick and I collaborated to make their wedding present.

We stayed in a lovely little cottage with our other friends Jamie and Sandra and we all got drunk and ate alot of cheese.

This is a picture of me and Nick from the photo booth they had set up at the wedding!

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life!

Nick took me to manchester for a day of shopping, pizza and the preview night of Bjorks ‘Biophilia’ tour as part of Manchester International Festival. It was amazing! Best gig I have ever been to.

This is the only picture I could find, she had this massive ginger afro with a black chin strap and a glittering gold dress!