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Gettin’ cold.

September 19, 2011

Summer is officially over and its starting to get cold again. After a little holiday I’ve been busier than ever tattooing and painting recently, I also have been making jewellery samples transforming my artwork into cameo necklaces *watch this space!* Lets start off with a few pics from Tattoo Jam last month.

      Unfortunately I didn’t get any of the tattoos finished at the show, hopefully they will be able to come the shop for another session. However I did get a little photo from the Friday in ‘The Independent’ newspaper! Which was really exciting!

I was working in a shared booth with Matt Hunt and my other half Nick Baldwin, here are a couple of pics of him tattooing our friend Fran. She did a great job of modelling his stunning new business cards! haha!

   We had a great time working Tattoo Jam, hopefully we will work it again next year. When we got home I put the photos on tumblr and one of them made the front page for the site! Now heres some of my favorites from the past start off heres a really fun tattoo I got to do on Alex’s hand! I really enjoy tattooing lady faces, and I find hands a fun place to work on!   Next picture is of a half sleeve I finished this week, its a tribute to his friend. I think its a bit different for me but I really enjoyed it!

This next one is a coverup of a small rose and some tribal, the colour in the leaves is healed so I am quite happy with how its covered the old tattoo.


The beetle and cameos is on my friend Ruth,her arm is a work in progress but I thought I would put up a picture anyway. Now heres a few that speak for themselves!

     Apart from this one, she wanted a gingerbread fairy. Can’t say I’ve tattooed one of those before!   This crazy bright squirrel is on the shops apprentice Glenn. I like his silly face!    Now for a few in progress that I’m excited about! Calvins back is based on the Owls of Ga’hoole books/film. Needless to say he is a massive fan of both!! I’m really happy to finally have all of the outline down, looking forward to getting some colour in this! Now for a few smaller pieces..the first two will be colour and the lady will be black and grey.      I’m also looking forward to getting a background on Lauras half sleeve.  We started it with the owl teapot at Manchester tattoo convention this year, continuing this theme in the shop! You can just about see the cake stand under her arm, I’m loving the cutie doormouse in a jug! The background is going to be super colourful!!

Here ‘s my latest painting I have finished!

It has already been sold and I’m not making prints.

I’m working on a few new paintings at the moment, all of which are commissions. If you are interested in a commission piece of art by me please email me at (I can work to pretty much any budget)

As you can see its been a busy time of year! I don’t always have time to update my blog so for daily updates on my work please check out my facebook page

I will be working the first female tattoo convention next month with Jo Harrison. I’m really looking forward to it! I have somebody booked in for the full day so don’t have any spaces. That will be my last convention of the year, so please email me if you are interested in getting tattooed at a show next year. I should hopefully be working quite a few!

Lastly I will be going to London convention this weekend! I will not be working, if you see me there come say hi 😀


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