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It’s been a while!

November 22, 2011

So its been a couple of months so I figured I should do a new post to update on all the exciting fun tattoos I’ve been able to do!

I am so lucky to have such amazing customers that really let me have freedom in the work and awesome ideas for me to play with.

I’m going to start off with the last convention I worked which was the 1st female tattoo show in Leamington Spa. Leamington is my place of birth so its quite fitting that I won my first award there! (woohoo!) It was for the squirrel I did on Glenn (in the last post) and it won best small colour πŸ™‚

Here are some pics from the day! The first is of my one of a kind necklaces, stickers and the award I won!

me and a very pregnant Jo Harrison!

Leamington Female tattoo convention 2011

Heres a couple of pics of me working at the show, I did a sailor pin up on Ryan coming out of a life ring.

He sat like a true legend for almost 6 hours!

Heres the finished product! Which can also be seen in this months Tattoo Revolution Magazine!

Now for some of my favorite tattoos I have done recently πŸ™‚ Starting with this panther on Chris’ elbow. Done in one hit.

A stag in a suit coming out of a frame? Obviously!!! Laura has a great imagination!

Pair of feets! the foot with the heart in the globe is a coverup along the side of her foot and its healed, the other foot is fresh!

fun filler!

Tattoo I did today! She came all the way from Edinburgh and it was in between a Valarie Vargas and a Steve Bryne tattoo (no pressure then!!)

Izzi’s princess! (cant wait to do the witch shes getting on the other arm to compliment this piece!!)

A really sweet pair of feet! Becky got these for her grandparents, all done in the one sitting! Brave girl πŸ™‚

For this next one I really got to indulge in my inner teenage geekery! I was a huge tank girl fan when I was younger! This was so much fun to mix the original artwork with my current style. Oh and Boogah rules!!! πŸ™‚

This is on my friend Fran, for everyone that knows her she loves sea related tacky goodness! I really tried to get this out in the tattoo. I think everybody should have this much junk in their hair! Rather than a mermaid its a washed up woman πŸ™‚

Fun little anchor!

Finished the under bum on the talented Take That loving Leah Moule. As the other half of our swap.

go see her work!Β

Chris’ cute armpit tribute to his kitty

my friend Debbi’s russian dolly coverup

The finished work on Tims arm, since this photo we’ve added a few moths above it all.

A healed photo of an elbow tattoo I did on Gail.

I really enjoyed doing this one for Ellie! Who wouldn’t want a tea and jammy dodgers tattoo?!

Purple poppy! Really nice to do something a bit different like this.

Finished kitty!

Finally got to finish my friend Simons traditional viking chick! I did my homework on this one!

One thing you cant really see is that it wraps around his arm a bit,

the curly framing around the edge is all one line that follows round.

Heres a bit of Sophies ‘under the sea’ nautical patchwork sleeve in progress! Cant wait to get some bubbles in there


Black and Grey traditional tattoos are not something I do much,

I love colour too much! I think this turned out really well.

This is one of my favorites I have done recently. Bunting, stag and autumn leaves. Whats not to like?!

Now for a few little paintings I have done recently. Cutie Owl *sold!*

‘True love’ mini picture *sold*

Bunny Cup *sold!*

Jug Skunk *sold*

Rosie ‘queen of cupcakes’ birthday present x

Rick the bear. for Rick the bear.

Owl with egg * For Sale * Original watercolour, no prints. Email me for details.

Blonde lady mini painting * For Sale * Original watercolour, no prints. Email me for details.

Here are some new A3 prints are available on etsy. Click on the pictures to be taken to my store!

My newest painting! The first flash sheet I have done since I first started tattooing.

So far next year I am confirmed to work Tattoo Freeze and Brighton in January. I still have space on the sunday of Brighton so please email me if you are interested in getting tattooed there!

Hopefully I will be working quite a few next year. I also intend on doing some more guest spots! As I’m a bit too busy to post on here all the time please check out my facebook fan page for daily updates on what I’m up to. Cheers!


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